Give the Gift of Stem Cell Banking this Holiday Season

Give a gift that really matters this holiday season. Invest in your health or the health of a loved one with a holiday banking gift certificate. This gift provides peace of mind, ensuring that the recipient’s mesenchymal stem cells will be safely banked for future therapeutic use. Illness and tragedy occur often without warning; therefore, the sooner a person banks their cells, the younger and stronger the cells are, which enhances the cells’ ability to regenerate in the body during illness or injury. Stem cell banking allows people, regardless of age, to be prepared for unforeseen health concerns as well as those likely to come about with age.

The banking package is a timeless gift with no expiration date that includes a banking agreement for 20 percent off the regular price (holiday gift price $5,200). The package includes qualifying lab tests from LabCorp, which has offices conveniently located around the United States, as well as a fat tissue extraction, stem cell culture, cryopreservation at Celltex labs and the first-year banking fee of $150.

Banking is also beneficial for those with a family history of degenerative and autoimmune diseases such as Parkinson’s, arthritis and Alzheimer’s. The holiday banking gift package allows buyers the opportunity to harness the healing power of their own stem cells and relieve them from the anxiety that comes from expected and unexpected health issues.

To take advantage of this holiday gift certificate by December 31, please contact Client Services at 713-590-1000 or complete the Holiday 2017 Banking Enrollment form for each person receiving this gift and email it to

Note: If the recipient decides against the banking process, the purchaser of the gift certificate may choose to transfer the gift to their name and apply the value towards their own future therapies or receive a refund.