Adult Stem Cell Therapy May Help Improve Memory

Celltex Offers Solution to Regain Brain Health and Memory

Struggling with memory and loss of brain function can be debilitating. Celltex uses its proprietary stem cell culturing and banking technology to produce mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for therapy which may improve the quality of life for those suffering from Alzheimer’s, dementia and seizures, all of which can lead to memory loss and ‘brain fogginess.’ Celltex is able to isolate, culture and store hundreds of millions of a person’s own MSCs for use by physicians in regenerative therapy.

Studies have shown that stem cell therapy has the potential to replace lost or damaged cells, remove beta amyloid plaques, and stimulate endogenous cells in order to mitigate neuroinflammation and neuronal cell death. MSCs have shown promise in several pre-clinical animal models of Alzheimer’s disease, although the mechanism of action is not completely understood. Transplantation of MSCs in humans for a variety of conditions has been generally well tolerated, although results have been variable as a function of delivery route, and the variability in potency of cells has been well documented.

After receiving therapy using their own stem cells cultured by Celltex, several clients have reported significant improvement in cognitive abilities, memory and having their brains back to operating at ‘full capacity.’ Braden Heckendorn, an 11-year-old who suffered from a traumatic brain injury, was struggling with memory loss and reading problems. After receiving three rounds of stem cell therapy, his parents have noticed that his brain is functioning at a faster pace and he is able to read again.

Lee Roy Jordan, a former All-American linebacker, developed signs of cognitive impairment after more than a decade of playing football. He needed to carry notes in his pocket to keep track of daily tasks and to recall specific details of his life. After receiving stem cell therapy, he noticed amazing improvements to his energy levels and has noticed his mind does not feel as overworked when trying to recall things.

This life-changing therapy has been extremely beneficial to those who want to continue to function at full capacity. Click here to learn more about the transformative power of your own stem cells.