Company Overview

Company Overview

Celltex Therapeutics Corporation is a leader in providing services for the rapidly expanding field of regenerative medicine. Specifically, Celltex precisely separates, multiplies and stores adult adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for autologous use by physicians.

This means that an individual’s fat (adipose) is the source of their adult (mesenchymal) stem cells, which are used only for that individual (autologous), and never for any other person. Celltex’s advanced laboratory uses a patented process to ensure that it supplies physicians with genetically identical, autologous adult stem cells for clinical therapeutic use.

We employ a pioneering approach to stem cell separation, multiplication and banking.

Although stem cells have been researched extensively and used safely and successfully for over 50 years, widespread therapeutic use of stem cells outside of academic institutions remains at the frontier of medicine.

Our technology exemplifies safety and security.

Celltex’s technology of separating, multiplying and storing adipose (fat tissue)-derived adult stem cells is the world-leading technology. This is the leading edge of biosafety applied to regenerative medicine.

Celltex’s process enables a person’s naturally-occurring stem cells to be multiplied by the millions, without any genetic alteration and without exposure to chemicals or drugs.

We are committed to supporting the highest ethical standards of medicine.

Celltex is committed to sound, responsible and ethical stem cell technology and to leading the development of policy for responsible research and therapy using stem cells. To better understand the therapeutic impact and monitor the safety of adult stem cell therapy, we are sponsoring clinical investigations.

Each Celltex protocol is subject to review and approval by an independent Institutional Review Board (IRB) or hospital Ethics Committee, mandates a comprehensive informed consent process, and provides for on-going oversight for both safety and research integrity.

Celltex will release stem cells only to physician-investigators at the clinical investigation site for use in autologous (one’s own) cell therapy in accordance with Celltex protocols.