Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Celltex use only fat tissue?

It is most easily extracted, with minimal invasion, pain and recovery time, and the extracted cells are easily multiplied with consistently high quality cells.

Is this safe for use?

Yes. Our process has been proven in countries worldwide and has been approved for use in the United States.

Will stem cell therapy cause cancer?


I am old; are my stem cell still good?

Of course. There is never a wrong time to capture and cultivate cells. Your body is forever creating and using them and their own derivative properties.

Is the therapy approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration?

The FDA has made no determinations about stem cell therapy or banking at this time.

Can I withdraw my own cells?

No. Your cells must be withdrawn by licensed physicians under our oversight.

How much does it cost to withdraw my stem cells?

The cost is $5500, including all tests, extraction, processing, testing and storage for one year.

How long do I have to wait to receive stem cell therapy?

We do not perform any cell therapies, but your cells will be securely stored within 72 hours. XXXXXXX of what? extraction? culturation?

How does Celltex prove that my cells are really mine?

Your cells are genetically matched to you and secure within our labs, following procedures that have been established and used worldwide.

How does Celltex know how many cells I’m withdrawing?

Our testing process identifies and marks the cells.

What are the risks of this kind of procedure?

There are no risks, other than a minor pinch or bruise as you might expect after any quick, in-and-out procedure like giving blood. You will wear a small, discrete bandage for a day or two.

Are there any dangers in stem cell banking?


What happens to my cells if I stop banking?

They will be disposed of or you can collect them. XXXXXXX which suggests another question: Can I just keep them in my refrigerator?

How long can stem cells be banked?

Indefinitely, though we recommend they are used within 15 years of banking.

If I don’t pass the eligibility screening, do I get a refund?


Are banking programs refundable?



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